About UseCase

Sitting in various conferences over the years, I realized that the most interesting sessions for me were those that presented use cases.

Not the boring case study-type use cases but those where organizational innovators had transformed a tired old as-is, business-as-usual process into an impactful to-be process, usually by harnessing the latest thinking and technology.

So the mission of UseCase magazine was born: To liberate all those interesting use cases hidden in sales brochures, case studies and session powerpoints and present them as examples of the kind of process innovation that drives businesses forward.

We want readers who are interested in moving on from as-is, readers who are organizational innovators, transformers and change agents, readers who want to execute and take advantage of new technology and ways of doing things.

Do You Have an Interesting Use Case?

If you have come across an interesting use case or you have one that you want to promote then let us know, using the contact link above, so we can consider publishing it.

Your use case is most likely to be featured if you can provide a clear process flow of the as-is and to-be processes involved so that it is easy for readers to understand the value-proposition of your process transformation.